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Libra Libra love horoscope Libra career horoscope:. Libra compatibility in Best month:.

Worst month:. Months of What's in store for Libra? Astrology rating:. Prepare to be sensitive. February Your charm is super attractive. March Do some serious thinking. Time for a new start. Give everything you have! Think before making decisions. Don't let people get in your head. Time to change things up. Don't give up! This promises to help you push ahead your financial prospects.

However, do not make any firm commitment with one in new meaningful relationship initially. Take time to access integrity and commitment of concern person in new meaningful relationship. Period from mid of May to around end of June conduct of the concern person lets you gauge about creditability of concern person. Then you can move ahead in new meaningful relationship. Want to get solution for your problematic career or marriage? Find the answer and remedial measure for your concerns in our quarterly predictions Report.

Else you may lend into financial mess. Family related expenses are likely to increase here. You may need to increase provision for family. Do not make any fresh investment here. Also refrain from taking undue risk to push ahead your prospects on financial front.

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Increase your money in your with Finance prediction. October to December Things are to move favorably for you on financial front here.

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A major financial gain is foreseen here for you. However, you need to keep your cool and maintain your composure to benefit from opportunity coming your way. You may need to spend money for some urgent need of family. You need to keep enough provision for contingency here. On November 13, Mars will begin its direct trajectory in House VII of Libra, encouraging the native to communicate with your partner, in a less aggressive way, but without forgetting their rights.

The year begins with the planetary alignment of Uranus and Mars in Libra which can lead the natives of the scales to make hasty decisions, engagements, break-ups, marriages, etc. In mid-February there is a chance for romance for singles. You will have healthy relationships with your partner and children. It is an ideal period to take a trip for pleasure. Expect a good start to the year at work, since Libra will be more productive.

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With respect to money, a family member may ask you for financial help. There are good omens for family businesses. The wheel of fortune will spin in your direction. It will be a period of hard but prosperous work to achieve more economic stability. In health, the natives of Libra will feel the need to better organize their diet and will need a lot of willpower to stick to what they plan.

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The natives of Libra will start to become more reflective and need to do a self-analysis. The trimester will finish off with the need to balance and resolve some psychological issues and relationships with others. The double full moon in Libra will influence the awareness of fears and aspirations in love during the second trimester.

Personal matters and things relating to your relationship which are hidden may come to light. The purpose of many natives will be clarified. There will be some obstacles in business that involve commerce, media, and transportation among others.

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You will feel the need to plan how you use your money, its best use and application. New paths will open in the professional field.

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Interpersonal relationships will improve with those in your emotional life and in business. Regarding health, it will be necessary to have some exams done if you feel discomfort in your lungs or other airways. Libra will be a little obstinate in their habits in general and it will be difficult to follow treatments. They will be more sensitive, physically and emotionally.

There may also be changes in sleeping habits. Libras will feel the need to understand past wounds in love to be able to advance in their relationship with their partner during the third quarter. Their social life will turn on both individually and with their partner, beginning a new phase of openness to the world. Living with your partner will improve.

It is a good time for teamwork and for strengthening ties with business partners. In August, you will have to make decisions related to money and you will involve those closest to you in the decisions. A good disposition and more clarity at work will increase your performance. At the beginning of the third trimester in health, natives of the sign must be careful not to try to calm their anxiety with food.

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They should also avoid self-medication. You will feel the need for introspection and look for more spiritual or mystic paths. At the end of the third trimester, there will be a clear recovery from discomforts and ailments and your psychophysical energy will increase. Communication has a positive outlook for couples and agreements will be reached that allow the pair to advance. Libra will be more tolerant and conciliatory, which will allow them to strengthen ties with family and friends. In December, love will flourish for established couples as well as for those who are single as possibilities of romance appear.