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Venus is in Superior conjunction with. Venus turns retrograde on May 15th in mid Gemini. Yesterday fresh protests and strikes erupted in Egypt as demonstrators demanded. The rebellious vibration, corresponding to 4 bodies in Aquarius, is spreading. Today the Moon reaches gibbous phase, the final procession to the Full Moon begins Wednesday 16 February Jupiter is opposite his sun right now. Its stormy seas ahead for him.

Pluto is square his Libra sun this year and Uranus opposes. He also has a progressed. Also yesterday Egypt's ruling military council announced that work on reforming the country's. Today Minor Lunar Occultation of star 81 Gemini is visible. Very grandiose. Universal extraversion. A greater measure of self centered designs may be in evidence today. Thursday 17 February This is the night of a potentially destructive Full Moon. Scientists around the world will be watching closely as three eruptions from. Protests have been banned in Bahrain and the military is ordered to tighten its grip after the violent.

The regional head of security in the Libyan town of. All of this northern African and middle eastern protests have been occurring as Neptune, Mars,. Consequently this is a challenging lunation, embodying. The energy at this time is uncompromising. After this furious and most possibly awful Full Moon, her ingress into Virgo hopefully invokes a time.

Work on what has been spoilt. However today like all of the week that has just passed is hard,. Mercury is creeping up on Mars in Aquarius. A punchy weekend is ahead of us. Saturday 19 February The climax of the Full Moon in uncompromising Leo opposite 4 planets in rebellious Aquarius. Yesterday thousands of Bahrainis voiced their anger at the funerals of victims of. Thursday's unrest, as a senior Shia cleric denounced the government.

Bahraini troops. Witnesses in the Libyan city of Benghazi said that hundreds of people, at least,. At least three people were killed during widespread anti-government demonstrations in Yemen. Physicists have built the world's first device that can cancel out a laser. There are a couple good lunar occultations in the second half of February. These reappearance events are tougher observations to make and it's very helpful if you know at which place on the limb the star will suddenly pop into view.

The timings are Thousands of jubilant protesters in Bahrain are occupying Pearl Square in Manama after. Security forces yesterday opened fire on anti-government protesters in Benghazi, Libya,. Less than a degree of separation 27 Aquarius. This is the 3rd such event in the last few months. First,Nov 11 at 17 Sag, Second, Dec 14th. Details emerged yesterday of massive casualties in the Libyan city of Benghazi, where doctors.

Ten children have been killed by a fire at a home for disabled children in the western. Moon reaches disseminating phase 18 Libra Mercury reaches Superior Conjunction with the Sun on Feb 25th, and turns retrograde. Venus excitingly, sextiles Uranus on March 1st. Venus overtakes Mars again on May 23rd The regime chart am EET Sept. Gadaffi's birth time is not know. Born on June 1st he has a Capricorn Moon which. A am birth time would explain.

At least 30 people were killed after a suicide bomber targeted a government building. Wednesday 23 February His chart is not that of. Rescuers were toiling overnight to reach scores of trapped people after a 6. Check out fab Marjorie Orr on this one. Mars' only aspect from Pisces is a deeply convulsive body blow sextile to Pluto on March 4th. We are talking serious surrender and dispersed muscular energies her on in, for a month.

No aspects today, but 5 bodies today in water signs. Deep, emotional, full of hurting. Thursday 24 February Yesterday Libyan ruler Col Muammar Gaddafi battled to control the country's west. Hundreds of people remained missing in Christchurch as New Zealand authorities. This eventful day changes from GMT. Brighter, more optimism, forthright. Yesterday Libya's third-largest city was reportedly is in the hands of the opposition, while.

Jupiter in Aries in waxing square to Pluto in Capricorn Final hit of 3. The first July 25 th , the second Aug 3 rd Jupiter last conjunction in this 13 year cycle with Pluto was in Sagittarius in Dec The forthcoming opposition will be in across Cancer Capricorn in , and their next. This planetary cycle is associated. Saturday 26 February The Moon is now in Capricorn.

The UN Security Council has met to consider action against. Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi's government over its attempts to put down the uprising. Libya's western border with Tunisia is being overrun with migrants, many of them from Egypt,. Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi announced he is resigning, a key demand. State of the skies:- Today the Sun is at 9 Pisces. There are 21 days to the vernal equinox. The Moon reaches her balsamic phase at 25 Capricorn Mercury at 13 Aries reaches 'repeatable territory' , he slows down to less than a degree.

She is a 'morning star' until August. Venus excitingly, sextiles Uranus tomorrow. Mars is in Pisces. Jupiter squared Pluto on Feb 25th and will oppose Saturn. Jupiter is in Aries and will be joined by Uranus on March 12th. Jupiter will oppose Saturn at the end of the month. Wednesday 2 March Iran security forces fired tear gas at opposition supporters during demonstrations. Yesterday rebel forces in the eastern Libyan town of Brega fought off an attack by.

All set then for the New Moon in Pisces tomorrow. Yesterday the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said he would. The New Moon is conjunct Mercury and Mars being on their midpoint. The New Moon is also. This New moon has possible ' scientific and mathematical discovery'. Mars is sextile Pluto conferring a 'subliminal thud', on proceedings.

Uranus sits on the Mercury Pluto midpoint, an irresistible power of suggestion. Mutability and water dominate the planetary atmosphere. Followings and feelings. Impressionability is very strong at this time. Make a lead, and they will follow. The natal Sun. The slippery piscean Moons of. Silvio Berlusconi and Wayne Rooney are also targeted. The New Moon aligns to the lunar node axis. For the weekend ahead, we stay with the 'receptive' piscean vibration at least as far as Saturday is concerned.

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Neptune Sextile the lunar node , a deeply karmic note. Sunday 6 March Civil war in Libya. This day may become ferocious. Impetus to the day, from this moment.. The big news is that Uranus will be in Aries for 7 years from next Saturday. Yesterday four Libyan towns which forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi claimed to have. State of the skies:- Today the Sun is at 16 Pisces. There are 14 days to the Vernal Equinox. Mercury at 13 Aries reaches 'repeatable territory', he slows down to less than a degree. Venus is in Aquarius. She is sextile Jupiter on Thursday, trines Saturn on 15th March,.

Venus enters Pisces this same day. The big news is that Uranus enters Aries for the duration on Saturday. Yesterday pro-Gaddafi forces launched several air strikes on Libya's rebel-held. The interim government in Tunisia dissolved the country's secret police service,. In the UK the Labour party accused the government of "serial bungling" over Libya,. Mercury is closing rapidly on a near alignment to Uranus in late Pisces, exact tomorrow,. Four people were shot dead in Ivory Coast's main city, Abidjan, after a march by.

Today the Moon in Taurus 'gaining in light and motion' hits crescent phase Mercury will reside in Aries until May 15th , passing through his retrograde loop as he does so. Yesterday Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi's forces intensified their campaign. Serious civil war underway it seems. Gaddafi's birth time is not known, but Pluto is due to make a conjunction with his natal. Moon before too long, and he has a very old burnt out progressed Moon in Cancer, clinging. The UK chart has a contemplative aura to it right now. The progressed Moon is in Aries,.

Sure with Jupiter trine Saturn at the time of the royal wedding this year there is something for. Middle England is stirring. Next year with the London Olympic Games taking place, Pluto is conjunct the national. Strong undercurrents indeed are indicated. The real big changes may. Lots of movement on this Friday, and the feeling that lots of adjustments are on the horizon. The occultation of upsilon Tauri on 11 March at AN graphic by Greg Smye-Rumsby. Saturday 12 March A massive earthquake hit the north-east of Japan, triggering a tsunami that.

A 'mystic rectangle' was active involving, local ascendant, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. Uranus is on the cusp of Aries. Later yesterday EU leaders said Libya's Col Gaddafi must go and that they will "examine all options". Nearly , people have fled their homes because of the crisis in Ivory Coast. This period which starts today will be characterized by a surge of rebellious revolutionary energy and a flash fire of sudden, inventive, scientific and incendiary spirit.

Changes will occur suddenly like a thunderbolt from the gods. This ingress serves as a trigger and cosmic wake up call. The last time this occurred was in the pre war years to and corresponded with the stock market crash, the rise of the Nazi party, the rise of Stalin and of Mao TseTung and the rapid development and expansion of 20th century technology and industry. Hold on to your Hollyhocks Daze readers. Sudden unlooked for changes are at hand.

The message is one of 'personal and social liberation'. The Moon Venus and Saturn form an airy grand trine from to The explosion at the Japan Nuclear plant where a meltdown is feared occurred at 3. A powerful planetary 'air-kite' dominated the skies globally at the time.

Neptune was setting at the site when the explosion happened and Regulus was rising. Whether a partial meltdown is under way at Fukushima Daiichi is not yet clear. There is confusion. Parallels with Three Mile Island. The astrology of the event indicates global consequences. Also yesterday the Arab League backed the idea of a no-fly zone over Libya, as rebels. Bad news. The occultation of Eta Gemini on 13 March at Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reportedly seized control of the eastern town. State of the skies:- Today the Sun is at 23 Pisces.

There are 7 days to the Vernal Equinox. Hassle Castle. Mercury is a decelerating 'evening star' in Aries, on the chase of Jupiter, 3 degrees separate,. The big news is that Uranus entered Aries for the duration last Saturday. Mercury and Jupiter are both applying in opposition. Tuesday 15 March Yesterday engineers raced to cool down a third reactor at a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear plant,.

Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, sent troops to Bahrain at the request of the small Gulf kingdom. Rebel forces in Libya said they had retaken the eastern town of Brega, capturing a number of elite. The Moon enters Leo Eight bodies then in Fire and Air signs. This day starts full of cares, it drifts for several hours, rudderless, only to end in an inferno of flames. Yesterday radiation levels spiked to harmful levels after a fire and a third explosion at the site. The king of Bahrain declared a three-month state of emergency, following weeks of pro-democracy.

Heavy fighting continued in Libya between government and rebel forces for the. The rapidly accelerating Moon in Leo reaches waxing gibbous phase. This Moon forms a loose 'mystic rectangle' with Saturn, Venus, Mercury. This day is 'full on', no let up of pressure, and a Full Moon approaches. Today Nasa's Messenger spacecraft is scheduled to arrive in orbit around Mercury. The arrival of a Nasa probe in orbit around Mercury will.

Mercury astrologically at 13 Aries reaches 'repeatable territory' today. During his. Neptune was strongly square Mercury. The chart also experiences a progressed Full Moon this year , the 4th since , but significantly. It has been noted by Marjorie Orr that 'Modern Japan was born.

The great economic asset-bubble burst in the early s in Japan which has led to the. Japan was hit by the Jan Solar Eclipse and will be hit by the June eclipse. Also at the. More no doubt to follow on this. The UN human rights chief has condemned the "shocking" use of force by security forces against. Nasa's Messenger spacecraft is primed and ready to enter into orbit around Mercury - the first.

Mercury, the Earth and Saturn linearly align within 1 degree 16 minutes at this time. These are very tense times astrologically and a 'Super Full Moon' is imminent. On March 19th, a full Moon of rare size and beauty will rise in the east at sunset. It's a super. The last full Moon so big and close to Earth. Yesterday Japan raised the alert level at its stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant,. The Full Moon is opposite Uranus and square the nodal axis. Today's Full Moon. Over Libya Saturn rises, Mercury and Jupiter set.

Uranus sets at London where a strong mutable cross. The natal Uranus. The natal Mars of Judi Dench, and the natal Sun of. This Full Moon is opposite Uranus. Shocks and upsets continue to be the norm right now, and anyway the. Mercury and Jupiter are opposite Saturn adding seriousness to the time. Not an easy ride this one. She will appear large and Full for many nights. Big sea tides will ensue over the following few days. The Moon is void from the moment of fullness. There then follows a special but brief 'holy period' of 29 hours.

The military action started less than 90 minutes before the moment of fullness of. At the moment of fullness. Saturn was rising over Libya, Mercury and Jupiter were setting there. Uranus set at London. Astrologically right now Obama has Jupiter trine his natal Sun, his optimism prevails,. Nicolas Sarkozy has just undergone Jupiter conjunct his aggressive assertive competitive Mars In Aries.

The world has the right to understand the planetary influences at work on their leaders, it is a human right. At this same time engineers said they were close to restoring power at the stricken Japanese nuclear plant,. The Moon now tightens on opposing Jupiter and is applying in conjunction with Saturn. Vernal Equinox GMT.

Spring starts. Mercury is a decelerating 'evening star' in Aries, he slows down to less than a degree. She is in a very close conjunction with Neptune on March 27th. Neptune first enters Pisces on April 4th. Tuesday 22 March Yesterday coalition forces carrying out operations against Libyan government forces.

Electricity was restored to three reactors at the Japanese nuclear plant. Vladimir Putin's description of the UN resolution on Libya as a "crusade". How odd. Jupiter opposition right now, been building up for a year or so , and Saturn is about. In Yemen a powerful general long close to President Saleh said he was joining the revolution,.

Transiting Uranus is sextile the natal. Sun in the Yemeni chart, that country's change looks a lot easier than Libya's. The Moon reaches disseminating phase at 17 Scorpio A penetrative day. More questions than answers.

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Yesterday two US airmen were rescued in eastern Libya after their warplane crashed. Power cables were attached to all six reactors at Japan's stricken nuclear plant, and. Today Mercury appears to slow to less than a degree per day prior to his forthcoming station. Today the Sun, Moon and 4 planets are in fire signs. We are talking flammable.

Saturn degree aspect to Neptune Yesterday a French jet destroyed a Libyan plane which had breached the UN no-fly zone -. Syria's government announced a series of reforms, aimed at quelling rising unrest in the. The weekend ahead has a last quarter Moon presiding over the imminent Jupiter Saturn opposition. All in all a hard hitting, hard working, hard. Several large explosions are heard in the Libyan capital Tripoli on a seventh night. Syrians stage anti-goverment rallies in the capital, Damascus, and other towns.

The Moon forms a tight Cardinal T-square with the looming. Jupiter Saturn opposition to Venus resides in Pisces for only 25 days. She makes only minor aspects whilst there. She is semi-square Mercury on April 3rd, inconjunct Saturn on April 7th and square. She enters Aries, hot on the chase of Mars, on the 21st. Venus in Pisces is submissive, vaguely enchanting, long suffering but potentially endearing. The operators of the stricken Japanese nuclear plant apologised for a "mistake". State of the skies:- The Sun today reaches 8 degrees Aries, and is square Pluto. The others were May 23 rd , and Aug 16 th Mercury is a decelerating 'evening star' in Aries, approaching has station, moving at less than a degree.

Mars 'storm troops' into Aries on April 2nd, and is conjunct Uranus on the next day,. Jupiter squared Pluto on Feb 25th and will opposes Saturn. Tuesday 29 March Mercury is hours away from his station, thought processes, decision making,. The Moon reaches her balsamic phase at 25 Aquarius Mercury turns retrograde 24 degrees Aries Thought processes, decision making, transport arrangements and plans. Mercury will be back up to speed by May 8th and he enters 'new territory' on May 11th.

Yesterday Syria's president vowed to defeat those behind a "plot" against his country,. Rebels in Libya retreated from their former strongholds as Col Muammar Gaddafi's forces. Japan is to decommission four of the quake-hit reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant,.

Jupiter in Aries is in waxing semi-square to Neptune in Aquarius A one off aspect which follows the conjunction of these two planets in Aquarius in This precedes their first quarter phase in , and their opposition in Their next conjunction is in in Pisces. April starts with Jupiter in Aries. Mars is applying to Uranus on the Pisces Aries cusp,. Friday 1 April Yesterday the UK says it had not offered immunity from prosecution to Libyan Foreign. Minister Moussa Koussa, who reportedly defected when he flew to Britain on Wednesday. Moussa Koussa born march 21st , according to Wikipedia, has transiting Uranus.

The French president called for clear international standards on nuclear safety as the crisis at. This old 'fishy' Moon drifts slowly, clueless, ultimately receptive, void of course and full of pathos in Pisces. Photo taken by Paul Haese of South Australia. Yesterday the palace of Ivory Coast's President Gbagbo came under attack from supporters. The 'drifting hours' of the last 2 days now gives way to a new wave of astrological energy.

This is 'wowie zowie' stuff. Impulse and initiation. Shoot first talk later. Urges, surges, hot tempers, rampant energy. This influence lasts for nearly 7 weeks.

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Mars will reside in Aries 'till May 11th. Mars is conjunct Uranus at 1 Aries on April 3rd,. Mars trines the. Hot stuff. Yesterday heavy fighting rocked Ivory Coast's main city, Abidjan, for a third day,. Ten people were killed in the Afghan city of Kandahar in a protest over the burning.

Radioactive water leaks into the sea from a crack in a concrete containment pit. The sky is brimming. This New moon is a 'hell raiser'. The New Moon is powerfully opposite Saturn, a very tempering and restricting influence, and is. The same four bodies are. Mars and Uranus are aligned almost to Mecca,. It hits the natal MC. The Moon, the Earth and Saturn linearly align. This is a very tight conjunction 0. Fighting erupted again in Libya with rebels battling for control of the eastern oil town of Brega.

This Lunar conjunction is the tightest of Mars is now in Aries. Mars will reside in there 'till May 11th. He squares Pluto on. Neptune first enters Pisces today Best article I have read on this ingress is by Adrian Ross Duncan. T uesday 5 April Fortitude and germination.

The Moon is 'increasing in light and motion' but is void of course all day in Taurus. The evening of 7 April provides a good opportunity to observe a couple of lunar occultations within the space of 30 minutes. On the 15 April 87 Leonis mag. Spiritual renewal and new ideas challenge outmoded structures. Radical new laws are passed and political movements reach critical mass this year. A growing optimism spreads as the energy of the Neptune-Pluto septile winds down. Disturbances continue unabated in the arabic and african world.

Do you ever do full or new moon rituals? What do you like to incorporate in yours? Let me know below! With Capricorn being an Earth Sign, it brings stability and support with this full moon on July For July, an old saying is that if there are two moons new or full in the same month, the weather will be unfavourable and unsettled until the next new moon. We have 2 new moons this month, we had one at the beginning of July and we have one right at the end as well.

It is calling for 4 straight days of thunderstorms next week and I for one, am hoping for it. I hope these correspondences help you along your full moon ritual, or anything you choose to do, to celebrate the full moon. Today is Guru Purnima - the traditional celebration of our Guruji. It is always held on the full moon of July. We encourage you to give thanks, in deep gratitude, to all those souls who have in some way, given us an essential lesson as we move through our lives.

In the meantime, however, think back to the new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn that occured on January 5. How have you taken full responsibility for yourself since? When Mother moon beams at her fullest potential, our emotions become heightened, but more importantly, the full moon phase is a symbol of completion. So you can already imagine the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse. Sitting conjunct Pluto Rx, alongside Saturn Rx and the South Node, this lunar eclipse is equivalent to an emotional purge from the heavens.

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, and its duty is to uncover that which is hidden beneath the surface. So themes related to ancestral traumas, past wounds, and taboo-like emotions hidden, deep within our psyche, could very well resurface during this time. Tap the link in the bio or go to www. Affirmation of the day I Will Protect My Heart again Creating healthy boundaries that are comfortable for you are vital to protecting your heart.

Do not feel you are being selfish just for taking care of you.

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Tap the link in the bio to find out more. Only 5 early bird decks left. Another long awaited beauty! Fave tarot and oracle combos! I've been on an oracle kick as of late, and since downsizing my tarot collection, I've been able to do a lot of tarot and oracle pairings! Yet another New Beginning message.

During that creative process of a new beginning, you definitely must lay out what you are looking to accomplish. What do I want? How does it look? Or how will it mechanically be put into action? These are all good base questions about a new beginning and the picture we are envisioning. Then try to listen. Allow the Universe to support you and guide you if necessary. Venus in Virgo tells us what we are attracted to and this enables us to give or receive love and affection, beauty and happiness. The flow of Life.

Swimming against the tide, trying to make it to shore, not being able to see the land is impossible. Now is the time to allow the waves of life to lift you, raise you above the struggles, the inner discontent and trust that the planets and universe will work with you, if you work with them.


Do not force life to unfold, life is like a precious flower, it cultivates, matures and unfolds when ready. When open it displays beauty and wisdom taught through the growth period. Oracle Deck. It includes the oracle deck and Your Bloom an original illustrated blossom of your choice. Get a grip on your fear and uncertainty about change or that new opportunity that you want. Take some time out and get centered-grounded. What are you afraid of?

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Embrace your fear. Step into the resistance and your inhibitions. Move outside your comfort zone. Throw your hands up to the wind and move forward. Who knows what your fullest potential may be!?!?! This is a new love connection where you have finally found a person who is worthy enough to stand the test of time with you.

I do sense that you have been the one that was independent, strong and focused for quite a long time. Always relying on yourself and not on others. Having enough resources to get you out of tight situations and now look at you! You finally caught yourself a good guy! Allow the person to show you the love that they have for you by taking actions on their intentions. Allow yourself occasionally to be wined and dined! There's nothing wrong with someone showing you genuine affection and after all, you deserve it just as much as you deserve to be loved.

You are strongly advised by Spirit to tap into your feminine energy so that you can allow yourself to be more receptive to change. That way you will be able to see the real them without them even telling you a single word. By doing so, you will definitely be able to see for yourself whether or not to keep the relationship going or to be honest enough with them and part ways amicably.

I do feel a good vibe coming from this, but always trust in your intuition in the end. After all, you call the shots. Deviant Moon is one of my fav decks and I was drawn to get it out Eventhough I am working over time, I have been looking through the new new decks I got.

I prefer the Energy Oracle cards over the Akashic Tarot. But am finding cool things about both decks. Moon in Virgo brings the message that many need to be fully aware of the physical aspects of their life Are you over doing things? Pushing too hard? How can I get it right? Surrender to the higher message being delivered to your soul Nothing will or can change until you surrender to the Power of your very own self love.

You are an empty vessel until you learn the art of self love, self care, self giving healing. Are you getting the best from yourself? Love yourself in this space in time. Let go and all will work out. These have been singing to me for a while and popping into my head frequently..

I'm looking forward to delving into the book and these cards, doing it slowly without skipping straight to the card meanings. Know that you deserve to be and have all that your heart desires. There is a pearl in your heart, close your eyes and feel it. The most precious thing is inside you. In looking within, you will never go without.