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Quigley answered affirmatively, saying that she could have done so had she been looking at the time. At that point, Nancy Reagan enlisted Quigley's astrological advice on a regular basis, and held frequent telephone conversations with Quigley. Explaining why she turned to Quigley, Nancy later wrote, "Very few people can understand what it's like to have your husband shot at and almost die, and then have him exposed all the time to enormous crowds, tens of thousands of people, any one of whom might be a lunatic with a gun I was doing everything I could think of to protect my husband and keep him alive.

Nancy Reagan: Controversial Moments During Her Life in the Public Eye

Quigley wrote, "Not since the days of the Roman emperors , and never in the history of the United States presidency, has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation's affairs of State. Regan wrote:. Regan came to feel that this astrologer held disproportionate power over global politics, far more than many cabinet members vetted by Congress. She was raised in a genteel San Francisco family, the closest California comes to old money.

There was no communing with far-off spirits, no chanting, no tinctures, no grotesque velvet table covers. By the time Quigley began working with the Reagans, she was in her fifties and had been working as an astrologer for decades, with high-profile clients such as the talk-show host Merv Griffin.

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She dressed like a card-carrying member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, her eyebrows always thinly plucked and her blonde hair secured in a bob. Although Quigley had worked closely with the Reagans during the election, Nancy had stopped returning her calls during their first few months in the White House. But after the president was nearly killed by a shooter as he was exiting the Washington Hilton, Nancy reached out to Quigley again. Yes, Quigley assured her, she could have.

She knew her involvement would need to be kept secret, as it was during the campaign.

I was aware, however, that unlike them I would not have the prestige they had while serving. Millions of Americans read their horoscopes each month. People consult horoscopes for the same reason they consult advice columns—because everyone craves reassurance and because they address our ambitions and fantasies, the subjects that quietly consume us but that our daily lives often require us to ignore.


She has for some time, particularly following the assassination attempt in March of She was very concerned for her husband's welfare, and astrology has been part of her concern in terms of his activities. The spokesman said the Reagans were distressed at the disclosures concerning their interest in astrology. Reagan's influence on the President's schedule is well known, but generally she has argued that Mr.

Reagan's timetables were ''too tight and needed a little more down time,'' according to Joe Canzeri, a former White House aide. Grist for Much Humor. Friends of Mrs.

Reagan say she has long had an interest in astrology, but only a few of her aides apparently knew that she had an emotional concern. Reagan that something bad would happen that day. In an interview after the show, Mr.

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Koppel said a woman astrologer had told Mrs. Reagan that ''there was going to be an incident on that day.

Reagan's astrologer

Koppel would not identify the source of his information. A leading Republican strategist, with close ties to the White House, said the reports would not be damaging to the President. But others said the disclosures revealed a character trait in the President and his wife that had remained largely hidden to the public.

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Marcello Truzzi, a professor of sociology at Eastern Michigan University, said he has collected evidence over many years documenting the Reagans' interest in astrology. Truzzi, who also heads an independent institute, the Center for Scientific Anomalies Research. The disclosures were fodder for humor in Washington today. Fitzwater opened his briefing by saying, ''I'll take your first question at exactly and a half. On Capitol Hill, Representative Tony Coelho, the Democratic whip, expressed amazement at Republican objections to a revised trade bill and said, ''Maybe an astrologer is telling them to object today.