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Together they had many children, but all of them were a bit odd or deformed the Titans for example. His own son Saturn ended up castrating him.

Transits Here & Now

Uranus represents all things unconventional. When you see transit periods in your astrology charts that include the movement of the planet Uranus, you can expect things to happen in an odd or unconventional way. Your routine may be shaken up and you might have to be flexible to get things done. The effect of a Uranus transit is always different than what you would expect.

Unconventional does not necessarily mean bad. It might mean your relationship turns into a long-distance one, you might have a same-sex relationship or something that is simply different. Exceptional genius, talent, and remarkable gifts come with this transit period, so you can expect some unique and wonderful surprises during this time if your birth charts and solar return charts do not also contain insidious aspects.

This might be the perfect time for you to follow your passions and see where your dreams take you. To cope and handle this period of unconventionality is to loosen up the restrictions and limitations that Saturn transits will try to impose. Be creative, do something outside the box.

If a problem is vexing you, consider an out of the box solution to it, take matters into your own hands!

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Let go, and let this god of the heavens work its magic. Neptune joined his brothers Pluto and Jupiter to overthrow their father, Saturn.

As a result, Neptune also known as Poseidon became the god and ruler of the seas. Water is a particularly important element in astrology, and this makes Neptune the dreamy and intuitive planet. He is also very romantic and enjoyed many liaisons before finally marrying Amphitrite. As such, the cause that Neptune instills on us during these transits is one where we are to look within to our dreams and intuition, without overindulging on the sensual forms of life.

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Neptune has a tendency to get caught up in himself once in a while, this can lead to overindulgence in love or even substance abuse. Although Neptune is great for moments of fantasy, too much will make you easily deceived under a Neptune transit. You might be so lovey-dovey with people and once the world sees this, they could take advantage of you.

When undergoing a Neptune transit period in your birth charts, you always need to be a little wise to the realities of life, before they completely snow you.

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At the same time, Neptune gifts you with information in your dream life, and you can get very important information during this particular transit period in your dreams. If your chart indicates you are going through a Neptune transit, keep a dream journal by your bed or in the bag you take to work, and you will be surprised at the information that comes your way at the most unexpected times. This is a planet that as much as it can fool you, offers you a unique psychic perspective that the other planets simply cannot.

Follow this spiritual awareness and any and all hunches that come your way when you are being influenced by this god of the sea. Pluto or Hades in Greek mythology is known as the planet of death and transformation. He owned a helmet that made him invisible.

He fell in love with Persephone and kidnapped her from her mother, the goddess Ceres Demeter. He did make Persephone his queen, but that bold move as romantic as it may have been still left a shadow of darkness on the earth. The upside is that this god, and his planet, can bestow wealth and acclaim but not without sacrifice on your part. It means you may have some struggles and dark times before finally finding success and your place in the world.

Pluto transit periods in your chart are a test of your will. You will be asked to undergo a powerful period of transformation. This is not always a bad thing.

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In fact, these changes are to be embraced just as Pluto asks you to do. Beyond Tristan leaving her life and cutting ties with Jordyn, now is the time where she can bond with her family and, more importantly, herself, reassessing what she actually wants from her love life.

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From an astrological perspective, all of these transits represent losing a horrible partner and a toxic friend in order to clear up space for bigger and better things. The wildest fact about this scandal is that it was Mercury Retrograde last April when the first Tristan-cheating scandal happened , and another Mercury Retrograde is about to start on March 5. On March 23 , Venus exits her 12th house and flies into her 1st house, which is the most extroverted and expressive zone of a person's chart. This is when people glow up, buy a shit ton of clothes that make them feel hot AF, and feel sexier than ever hey, dropping a cheating scrub does do wonders for your skin.

Mercury retrograde ends just a few days later, on the 28th, which is the point where this drama starts to wrap up for good. The good news doesn't stop there!

What Are Transits In Astrology? – Lesson 18

It represents karma, destiny, and fate, and whenever the North Node interacts with your chart, you can bet on big changes and events that truly feel meant to be. Follow Jake on Instagram. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.