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Well, that's depressing. Still, I try to look on the bright side--without going into too much detail the guy can't make a move on me because of professional reasons. I, however, am in a position to ask him out although I don't plan to until we get another chance to meet in person. So, strictly speaking, nothing should come from this chart right now.

But do you think it would increase the chances of relationship if I planned our second meeting on a more favorable day? And how would you pick a good day, astrology-wise? This second chart has Asc ruler in early degrees of Cancer, Venus is in early degrees of Gemini, only 1 planet in the 8th house, and the moon isn't combust.

Pluto in the house of romance and fun is probably a good thing, right? While a first meeting chart has some input, its really only a description of that meeting, not a description of your lives together, without any commitment being made, IMO.

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To do a description of your lives, you would need real synastry or a composite at least. And for that your would need accurate birth data for both of you: time, place, month day year.

Hi Without doubting what others wrote Moon is due for a quincunx with Saturn and a rule I found some time ago, says that Moon is "valid" even being void, when going for a conjunction with a planet even outer or casp as a first aspect upon entering the next sign. In this case it's with Mercury. Also it's the first time I hear New Moon not good for a chart especially with new meetings, generally with anything that is considered a new start. I have seen this work many times in all charts but not so much with casps, only with planets.

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Originally Posted by Zarathu. Originally Posted by geminibutterfly. Whether promises are kept or not, the situation under which you met is complicated and purposely obscured. The symbols are self evident, there is real danger around this meeting. Dangerous also because vneus is conjunct the dragontail. He is an immediate and intense emotional,sexual,psychic emotional milieu. So the encounter May have been work related. It may be a potential; professional connection that sparked the light. But before analyzing it to ad ifinitum, you must deal with the repercussions of the sexual nature of the relationship because that is the the determining dynamic currently.

The determining g dynamic of the second meeting is mars opposed to Uranus.

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This implies sudden change in his attitude. This is still a strongly sexual aura here but any promises made will not be met. He could be moving but at any rate new circumstances are in place. As the physical is so strong ,I would recommend a midpoint composite chart to end this speculation. Thanks for the reply, that's all really interesting. I don't know how to do a composite chart, but I have everything except his tob.

This primary interest in sex is also shown by eros opposed to orcus, with venus conjunct to orcus. But even his emotional overtures are soaked in sensuality so something long term is unlikely. He makes you feel the chemistry between you , could empower your future dreams and goals. This is also a rather nasty emotional side here, you might feel it next time your meet.

But there is a finger of god with eris sextile to Chiron and ixion and the node forming mutual inconjuncts to these two. This is a very critical and mean spirit, a spirit that likes to see discomfiture in the other. Practically this often shows up as always receiving back handed compliments from him or having your fondest expectations being callously disregarded.

But these darker feelings likely have not occurred yet. He could be interested in a intense if insincere affair.

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Tags chart , meeting Thread Tools. Whereas in the Zodiac7 chart, the degree markers run from 0 to just under Unlike Classic Zodiac Charts where squares are bad aspects and trines are good aspects, the four possible aspects of Zodiac7 charts are all neutral. Magi Zodiac7 charts have no houses and ascendants or midheavens. But Magi Zodiac7 charts do have Planetary Geometry.

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We can accurately interpret the meaning of Zodiac7 Planetary Geometry by using the exact same principles of Magi Astrology we use to interpret the meaning of Planetary Geometry in a Classic Magi Astrology chart. Mars also rules killing, which of course is the most intrinsic component of war. Which, of course, he was. Hitler caused more killing than any other person in of the 20th century.

In Magi Astrology, we have given names to all of the most important yods and the names we selected depended on the planets that align to form the yod. After all, Mars was the Roman god of war. I don't believe that you can see evil a chart.

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I definitely don't believe that Sedna is the evil planet. Moon biquintile Saturn - '49 Moon biquintile Neptune - '12 Saturn quintile Neptune - '36 Moon quintile Eris - '24 Neptune quintile Eris - '11 Mercury decile Neptune - '49 Mercury decile Eris -'37 Moon tridecile Mercury - 1'02 Mercury tredecile Saturn - '12 The configuration indicate that he had the creativity to put his idealism,ideology into concrete reality that manifested in making victims of minorities.

It was said that he was actually very good with architectural art, and that he even considered that could be his path. He couldn't go to architectural school because he never finished high school. The configuration can easily fit with his architectural potential. Roy MacKinnon listed power abuse of minorities under one of his Eris keywords. That fits with Hitler who caused the death of many Jews,Gypsies,and even people that he thought were mentally deficient.

I think that he killed a lot of homosexuals too. I strongly believe Ebertin wrote that interpretation because of Hitler. I also believe that configuration fits with the health problems and loss of his mother as well as his own health problems. Of course, his Moon conjunct Chiron indicates emotional wounds,pain involving the mother.

He was a bit of a mama's boy. The configuration can also indicate possibility of mental illness.