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This manual may be confidently recommended as fully adapted to the needs of the student of astrology and inquirers. It contains everything that can reasonably be expected to be found in such a work. The exposition is simple and intelligent.

Chaldean Numerology - Know Your Strengths By Shapes Of Numbers [Hindi]

The author possesses as much experience, as much ability, and what is equally important, as much candor and love of truth, as will easily be found in any contemporary astrologer. It can also be used as a sleep-learning tool. A Book that is an instant reference and as well as a supplemental text and glossary, the perfect set of notes at your fingertips. This series is recommend to everyone who truly wants to learn and use accurate methods of astrological prediction and delineation.

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We are happy to answer any of your questions: info Kal du. His capacity to bring a chart to life by weaving each symbol into a spectacular dance is as visually impressive as is his unique method of interpreting ancient Horary technique. This Project is not only a valuable teaching tool, but is also a delightfully entertaining and an informative addition to any astrologer's library.

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Buy it and enjoy! Astrologer "A comprehensive tutorial on Horary Astrology by a Master Astrologer that can elevate the intermediate student to a more sophisticated level of chart analysis and synthesis. Blaschke, Astrologer - Earthwalk School of Astrology "Arthyr Chadbourne has made a great contribution to the practice of Horary astrology. He combines ancient wisdom with modern thinking to unravel what has always been unnecessarily complicated and confusing. His system is insightful, straightforward and easy to learn.

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Horary Astrology is the most exciting, rewarding and practical branches of astrology. If you have come this far in astrology, now is the time to take one step further and enhance the skills that makes an astrologer a master.

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The graphics are fantastic, and his voice is very melodic and easy to listen to. There is so much here, the Dignities, Triplicities, Fall Planets, etc. No one teaches Triplicities and Qualities anymore, much less Essential Dignities. As a Brotherhood of Light trained astrologer I love the internal detail, it is like looking at the arteries and veins of the human body Like Michelangelo studying anatomy to sculpt and paint with aliveness. Students will be learning the pure astrology as handed down by the greatest astrologers.

Horary is a vital branch of astrology and can be a big money maker for any astrologer.

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Watching the DVD is like being in the classroom with your own private tutor. Good choices of images. The intermittent animation is helpful. And there is a tremendous amount of information. The author of Regulus Award Nominee, Ancient Whispers from Chaldea has turned his scholarly attention to teaching horary astrology. The result is a multimedia course that starts with the earliest traditional horary concepts and then traces and synthesizes the best teachings of master astrologers. Arthyr's course is a wonderful blend of academic excellence combined with outstanding teaching skills.

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I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and use accurate methods of astrological prediction and delineation.