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On the fixed date and time, the answer-seeker appears before our virtuous and august pandit ji. Based on the number and directions of cowries most relevant palm vacation detected, [head down] cast reversed. Then he asked to keep that box on the floor which I did. Then he asked to move the box a bit. I did.

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Then he asked to open the box and I was surprised to see only three sticks in the new box! Then Vijay ji asked me where I had kept my footwear. There were many sticks fallen on my footwear!! Aital ji asked him to predict something about his current situation at that time.. Vijay ji asked him to bring some water in a bowl which he did.

Then Vijay ji asked Aital ji to cover the bowl with a paper and it was followed. After some time he asked to remove the paper and bowl was empty! Vijay ji told Aital ji that it was his situation at that period!! It was time for Vijay ji to be amazed and he asked me how I came to know about them?

I revealed about the Nadi's prediction! He opened them and I saw three manuscripts written in old Tamil. One was related to Yantras , another one was related to medicines and the last one was related to Prashna or horary system. I asked him to give them to me for money. He interacted with his brothers and demanded Rs. I quickly calculated the prashna chart and my intuition was saying no no no!

Somehow I convinced him that I would pay 10 times more than what he demanded if the purpose of buying the books for horse race was fulfilled. He agreed. I gave him Rs. I was feeling as if I had conquered the entire world!

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I told all these to my Guru ji of native place. He laughed at me and brought out many such manuscripts from the temple to show me and advised me to not to believe such things. After a couple of days I returned to Bangalore and started worshiping manuscripts through poojas. After a week I kept my palm on them to know the winning horses of that day but nothing appeared as revealed by Nadi Still I continued Meanwhile Vijay ji called me from a nearby place from Bangalore and asked about the money.

I told nothing was working with those manuscripts as told by Nadi. On the phone itself he revealed that I just met a big owner of horses whose name started with "D" then he revealed the full name Dayanand! He told that he was going to dig out some hidden treasure and would be back after a week. If nothing worked with me he had asked to return the manuscripts.

He also predicted the winning number of horses for next racing day! All of them went wrong!! Not in places also All his future predictions given to me failed. Instead of buying the books you must have learnt his mantra siddhi " They were kshudra mantras. I returned the manuscripts through Aital ji and lost Rs. Then came the year ! My family was doing Kashi Yatra.

I was in Banaras. I sat with KNR ji and discussed many things to predict for elections. From Airport directly I went to studio. TV9 and we waited for Somayaji ji but he didn't come. The shooting shifted for next day. I came to my house.

Meanwhile I reported about the development to KNR ji. I could not recognize him but he made me remember all past incidents! Manmohan Singh ji becoming PM for the second time.!!! So it is always better to study astrology in a systematic way rather than running behind Nadis is my humble opinion. Bhanupraksh ji has been earning around INR 25lakh per month now a days though he can't check D-9 also. What to say? My Experience with Nadis -Part 2. So I thought of inviting him to my place and he agreed! I felt as if I had conquered the world!!

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Last week he came here with around bundles of manuscripts of Agastya Nadi. I wrote a mail to Sh. Rao ji to guide me for a best research as it was a rare opportunity to file thumb prints of different Ascendants along with planetary positions etc. Rao ji simply wrote me back to give my opinion after a month. Swamy , the reader kept the bundles in a small pooja room present in the ground floor of my premises which I have been using as my office premises. Out of three rooms two rooms were given to him. I gave one room to them for keeping the bundles and another for his reading purpose.

He instructed me that none should enter the pooja room once he keeps the Nadi Manuscripts in that room and I agreed.


I started with my own case after both of us finished poojas. With utmost faith I gave several thousands of rupees to him apart from following few traditions of consulting an astrologer. He took my thumb impression and briefly explained me that there remains few rekhas lines forming some symbols like Shankha rekha , Manimukuta rekha , Meru rekha and they are in numbers.

Apart from these rekhas few dots guide them to trace the proper bundle andrelated palm leaves were his claim. He started asking questions to me which can be listed thus. Are you self-employed? Ans3 No. Q3 Are you living with your wife and parents now? Ans Yes. After asking every 1 or 2 questions he kept on turning leaves of the bundle.

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Parvati itself on any resembling name? Exactly Parvati. Is your wife working? Is she working for government? Q Is your rashi Moon sign a dual sign? Are you born in the month of December or January? Is your sign Moon sign a chara movable sign? My intention was to get predictions from that. After around 30 minutes he called me as he got the nadi leaf related to me. I sat in front of the reader but there was no chart. When I asked about the same the reader told that they were in written format and not in diagrams like a chart. He revealed my basic chart along with the name of my parents, spouse and son.

Funnily my exalted retrograde Mars was in Aquarius as per nadi. Then after offering prayers to sage Agastya and lord Shiva he gave me predictions which I can reveal here in brief. Now my age is 42 and next 3 years which are My son will have a marriage as per his wish and will have all comforts. My span of life was above 85 years but because of some bad deeds of last life and problems of planets I may suffer again and again from ill health for which, remedies are required.

Here I know 1 prediction was certainly wrong as my span of life is not up to 85 years. Then Moksha???

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God knows. My next experiment was Mr. Ajay ji. Same cold reading repeated in his case also but after getting the nadi leaf he predicted that one of his daughters was sick.

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When Ajay ji showed more interest in that case he even told that she would die within 1. Next person was my close friend who is also a partner in our software company. The same cold readings repeated and same predictions like given to me except moksha. Then I asked my friend to put a question to reader. He asked a question related to change of job and which company he would join amongst 2 where he got selection.

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When the reader had gone to bring Prashna Khanda bundle, I asked my friend to behave strictly. We had revealed that 1 interview was attended by him 23 days back and another 7 days back.

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On the spot itself I realized that his prediction related to future went wrong. As my friend had refused to join that company as i had advised him to not to join! My prediction was he would get better opportunity soon which proved correct. Here my quest was related to casting the chart or revealing the planetary positions in the basic chart.

But revealing the position of Venus, Mercury and Mars very quickly is not so easy.